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General Services

This is a short list of our major types of testing, they include but are not limited to the following matrices: 


Water Testing

LIAL is certified to test many various contaminants in both potable and non-potable water samples. Meaning we test drinking water, waste water, laundromats/car wash cleaning solutions, and much more!

Soil Testing

LIAL can also test soil samples for many contaminants/reasons. Whether you want to know if the soil in your garden has the nutrients it needs to help seeds grow, or you need to get the soil tested at a construction site in order to dispose of it off site, we are here to help.

Black Soil
Air Compressor

Air Monitoring

LIAL has numerous machines and capabilities to test air. It can be the air from your home that you breathe in on a daily basis, or if you believe there is an odor coming from a neighboring area around you, we can help figure out what it is.

Asbestos Testing

LIAL has multiple trained, licensed, and NYS Department of Labor certified asbestos inspectors that can come to any home or site and inspect all aspects of the structure for asbestos. Whether it is located in the siding, shingles, floor/ceiling tiles, or the roof we will be able to find and test any possible asbestos containing materials.

Asbestos Workers
Closeup of a Petri Dish

Mold, Bacteria, & Fungi Testing

LIAL is also capable of testing for Mold, Bacteria, and other Fungi that may be inhabiting water, air, or soil in or around your home or place of work.

Oil Matrix Testing

LIAL can also analyze oil and sludge matrices for various contaminants. Whether it is transformer oil or a sludge-like material that you are unaware of, LIAL has you covered.

Embryonic Stem Cells

Consulting and Field Services

Includes, but is not limited to:

  • Phase I & II Investigations

  • Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Waste Characterizations and Disposal

  • Geoprobe Services (soil borings)

  • Geo-technical Borings

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

  • Full Analytical Services Protocol for Superfund RI/FS Investigations

  • Ground Water Monitoring & Sampling

  • Organic Vapor Detection by Photo-Ionization Detector (PID)

  • Hazard Assessment

  • Full Service Sampling Van

  • Identification of Unknown material

  • Waste Identification/Classification

  • Chemical Packaging/Classification

  • Manifesting/Labeling

  • Transportation and Disposal of: 

    • Corrosives

    • Oxidizers

    • Flammables

    • Herbicides and Pesticides

    • PCB's

    • Reactives

  • NYS and NYC Building Surveys and Inspections

  • ACP-5 Investigations

  • Asbestos/Lead Project Management

  • Asbestos/Lead Project Design

  • Compliance Air Monitoring

  • LIAL Maintains a Full Staff of:

    • NYS Inspectors​

    • NYS Investigators

    • Project Designers

    • Management Planners

    • Project/Air Monitoring Technicians

    • Lead Inspectors

  • Sick Building Syndrome

  • Identification of Indoor Air Contaminations

  • Indoor Air Quality Profiles

  • Mold/Fungi Analysis

  • IAQ Management Planning for:

    • Bioaresols (bacteria and fungi)​

    • Carbon Dioxide

    • Carbon Monoxide

    • Formaldehyde

    • Hydrocarbons

    • Particulates

    • Airborne Dust

    • TO-15 Soil Vapor

  • Asbestos

    • Phase Contrast Microscopy

    • Polarized Light Microscopy

    • Transmission Electron Microscopy

  • Inorganic Compounds

    • Metals Group I​

    • Metals Group II

    • Metals Group III

    • Wear Metal Analysis

    • Mercury

  • Drinking Water

    • Inorganics​

    • Organics

    • pH

    • Nitrates

    • Bacteriological

    • Coliform Bacteria

    • Microbial Assays

    • PFOS

    • PFOA's

  • Organic Compounds

    • Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons​

    • Petroleum Products

    • Volatile and Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds

    • Herbicides and Pesticides

    • PCB's

    • Combustible Gas Mixture

    • Halogenated Volatile Organics

    • Aromatic Volatile Organics

  • Oils

    • TOX

    • EOX

    • EOH

    • BTU

    • S.G.

  • Cyanide

  • Oil & Grease (TPH)

  • Ignitability

  • Corrosivity

  • Reactivity

  • Conductivity

  • Phosphates

  • MBAS

  • pH

  • Nitrates

  • Hexavalent Cr

  • BTU % Chloride

  • Nitrites/Nitrates

  • Chloride


  • Phenol

If you have any questions in regards to what you see here, or questions on any additional kinds of testing you don't see here. Please feel free to contact us at any time!

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